For the AWSSR, all horses are evaluated on their own qualities and performance records. As a performance registry, AWSSR does not hold any bloodline or breed restrictions.  A horse or pony can be of any breed or combination, without restriction, as long as the horse shows the ability or potential for one of the recognized sporthorse disciplines. A grade horse or one without pedigree registration is also eligible. The registration provided is for the lifetime of the horse.

All horses and ponies are eligible as long as they are training, competing, or breeding for one of these approved sport disciplines: Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Hunter, Combined Driving, or Sport Horse/In-hand *(see below for full details).

All AWSSR horses must satisfy a performance requirement at some point in the horse’s lifetime to get full registration. Pending certificates are available to horses until the performance requirement is completed. All AWSSR horses are supported from grass roots to the Olympic levels through events, awards, education and other services from the AWSSR.

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Books for Registration

The registry and books are maintained by the National Office for all registered and recorded horses.

Main Book
Most horses qualify for main book eligibility, where a horse’s pedigree history is desirable, but not required. Main Book horses are certified through their own performance record.

Elite Book
Pedigree/bloodline history is required. This history must provide evidence of four generations(including the horse to be registered) of proven, documented sporthorse performance in one of the sports supported by the AWSSR (see above).

Sport Pony Book
This sub-registry in the Main Book provides a specific registration for performance ponies. The minimum size is 13.0 hands and a maximum for 14.2 hands.

How to Register

  1. Become a current AWSSR member.
    All owners, riders or representatives of registered horses must be current AWSSR members for all services including new registrations.
  2. Submit the completed registration application.
    Include all applicable information such as known bloodlines, as this could qualify your horse for the Elite Book. Please fill out as much as possible, and state unknown when applicable. If the horse was previously registered with another association, provide copies of these documents. All fees must be included with application.
  3. Request or provide DNA testing and microchipping.
    These tests are required for all horses to start the important task of tracking bloodlines, performance and ownership.  If the horse has previously been tested or microchipped, provide the case number or registration number.
  4. Provide the qualifying performance score copies or documents from any recognized competition (if available*). 
    Any one of the following is considered a qualifying performance:
    Sporthorse/In-Hand (any age) in OPEN recognized USDF/USEF, Hunter Breeding, or AWSSR classes only – Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher
    Dressage – (USDF Recognized show) minimum Training Level Test 1 OR Materiale – Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher
    Eventing – (USEA Recognized event) USEA Young Horse OR minimum of Novice Level – Maximum of 55 penalties, without elimination, retirement, or withdrawal
    Combined Driving – (ADS Recognized event) minimum preliminary level – Maximum of 55 penalties, without elimination, retirement, or withdrawal
    Hunter – Minimum of Baby Green 2’6”  – Place 1st to 5th in any class
    Show Jumping – (USEF Recognized show) – Place 1st to 5th in any class
    Recognized Sport Horse Inspection (on-site or video) – Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher
    Breeding waiver – (Mare) Minimum of three (3) or (Stallion) minimum of five (5) offspring with performance-qualified registration with AWSSR

    *A “Pending” Certificate of Registration will be sent if you can not satisfy any one of the above qualifiers at the time of registration. The horse has its lifetime to satisfy one of the above performance requirements. The “Pending” Certificate of Registration proves all registration fees have been paid and contains the horse’s pedigree, owner information and states the performance requirements still required.
  5. Provide photographs of the horse.
    AWSSR prefers a set of conformation photographs (front, rear, left/right side; see below), but will accept one in-hand/under-saddle AND a head-shot if not available.
conformation photos