American Bred

Warmbloods have been the sporthorse of choice for hundreds of years.  The American Warmblood has been often overlooked for its European cousins.  Not anymore.

Mandalyn Skiles and FHF Cruisewood Freestyle Flying Changes 2014
Crystal Schwochert and Merlot 8
Night Rain

It’s All About Performance

What can an American Warmblood do? What can’t they do.  These horses are bred to ride, drive, and compete.  And with the AWSSR, their athletic ability is really what we’re passionate about.

Full of Potential

Be prepared to not just win with these horses, but to find your best friend among them. Whether you buy or breed your next partner, there’s no telling what you’ll be able to do together.

jennifer_foulon (2)
Addie Teserov and Cleave 5

A Little Something For Everyone

Some breeds have ideals, some have traditions, some have aesthetics.  The American Warmblood? They have style, and a whole lot of versatility.

Sam with lea wilson


Special thanks to all our AWSSR owners and riders who shared their beautiful photographs for use in this site. 

Addie Teserov ~ Crystal Schwochert ~ Madeline Vines ~ Julia Bartel ~ Monet Lammers ~ Morghann Hail ~ Sarah Spaulding ~ Lea Wilson ~ Joan Davis ~Bonnie Gorichan ~ Ellen Corob ~ Mandalyn Skiles ~ Joanna Gray-Randle ~ Tina Wallick